Fun Sculptures

“The Tennessee Stud”

  • "The Tennessee Stud" 28” x 36” x 6 1/4” 26 lbs. $785. SOLD. As always, I use old horse equipment in the construction of my horses. This one, named for the song Tennessee Stud which happened to play randomly while I was making it, contains the end of a horse harness that you can see through his neck. Materials: Horse harness, timing chain, pipe, rod, sheet metal, nails, scrap metal, gun barrel finish.

“Good Morning Trellis”

  • "Good Morning" trellis. Materials: Steel plate, steel pipe, steel rod, rebar, candle holder, pipe cutouts, paint, clear coat. 78" x 15" SOLD.


  • Copper With Ivy Birdbath, $385. SOLD

“Suns, Trellises & Outdoor Sculptures”

  • Three Seasons. $2800. Large outdoor sculpture. Available, email for details.

“The Girls”

  • “Carolyn’s Good Dress” 14” x 12 1/2” x 35” 15 lbs. $450, SOLD