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"The Tennessee Stud" 28” x 36” x 6 1/4” 26 lbs. $785.  SOLD. As always, I use old horse equipment in the construction of my horses.  This one, named for the song Tennessee Stud which happened to play randomly while I was making it, contains the end of a horse harness that you can see through his neck.  Materials: Horse harness, timing chain, pipe, rod, sheet metal, nails, scrap metal, gun barrel finish.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for every home to be filled with art made by hand rather than mass-produced decor that only goes out of style? We use our imagination and creativity to give new life to outdated tools, equipment and household decor.  From owls, fish and animals, indoor sculptures, birdbaths, trellises and outdoor pieces, our goal is to let the materials guide the creation of endearing pieces for your home.  If you see something of interest, send us a message today, we’re friendly!